Friday, March 5, 2010

Faerie Things and Butterfly Wings

I'm new to this size of artwork, but I'm learning! My pieces start as larger originals, which I scan and "shrink" for my jewelry designs. It was putting my artwork on jewelry that got me to thinking I should start making these fun little collectible prints. For my first "show and tell" here at Art Cards 365, here are a couple of butterfly-themed fairies.

In "Fairy Dust," a watercolor fairy sits before the full moon releasing magical fairy dust into the startlit sky.

I created this fairy portrait, called "Faerie Carnivale," to use as a cameo for a silver metal clay and wire wrapped jewelry piece that I was entering in a contest sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems. I just found out this week that this jewelry piece was selected for the second round of judging. Wish me luck!

Both 2.5" X 3.5" ACEOs are available in my Kell's Creations shop on Etsy.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful pieces, Kelley!
And what a neat idea! Just goes to show that art cards can start with an inspiration from anything and anywhere! LOVELY!

Jennifer said...

Oh! And good luck xoxoxox

Kelley Pounds said...

Thank you! I'm happy to be in such talented company here. :D

Patti Moore said...

Oh, I LOVE these, Kelley!... Such soft colors & wonderful detail!

Simply Magical!! :)

Kelley Pounds said...

Thanks, Patti!