Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello Everyone!!! This is My First Upload For Our Group~~~

Introducing 1 Of My Newest Card Designs~~~
Gracie Ann~~~

The Sketch,done in Graphite and Ink outline~~~

She was finished primarily with Prismacolor Artist Pencils and some
Artist Markers~~~Gracie Ann is meant to be used for those going through a serious illness/cancer

I Do Hope It Was OK in how I did this entry, I really am unsure if this design was a good choice, there are others if it isn't... And about that please do let me know, as I do NOT want to do this wrong for Our group~~~
Thanks so much Girls~~~ HUGS~~~Dena of Dream Doodlers


Just Breathe said...

She is lovely.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful job, Dena!

Dena E's Blog said...

Thanks So much Girls..

Tammi said...

I really like this Dena!

Carol Moore said...

I agree, she's beautiful and I love the concept behind the piece :)